Tuesday, September 30, 2014


I arrived home a little earlier than usual yesterday and took the time to use the camera in the afternoon light.  Lighting in my home is always an issue, The wonderful north facing windows just don't exist.  The harsh south facing light is in abundance.  Sigh.

That coffee machine holds a prime place of importance in the kitchen. So much so that it gets its own
decor.  Little containers that hold special memories.  Family silver used daily now.  Why not?  My favored pumpkin spice coffee.

Close by is a study spot.  I love the time I can sit at this table reading God's Word and watching my beloved birds.  The study of Moses this year is a repeat for me, but each time I read these first books I see and understand new truths.  That bag was a find in Canada last year.  Little balls of yarn tumbling around.

I was able to find a day when my back was cooperating to clean out a flower bed.  You might remember this post where I showed the pictures of my Obedience Plants that were struggling in the heat.  As much as I wanted to preserve this inherited plant, the climate in that spot has changed and it just wasn't good any longer.  Out they all came.  I'll wait until next spring to decide what to replace them with. But other plants are doing well.  The cooling of temps here has helped.

I have struggled with cooking and menu planning all my adult life.  I am really not a good cook.  During the years I worked and the girls were growing up, Mr. Golfer did the cooking and grocery shopping and I handled the homework, laundry and general daughter drama.  It was a good system for us and there are many family memories of daddy in the kitchen.  But when retirement came along, that whole cooking thing fell into my lap. Struggling, I finally am going to succumb to the meal planning calendar. Yes, I am coming to this late.  I do though have a nice shelf of cookbooks and one of my favorites is this Southern Living copy.  I printed out a blank calendar page and began filling in the spaces.  We eat out with our friends on Friday so that is a blank.  Tuesdays are my knitting day, so we often do breakfast for dinner and on some Sundays as well.  Thursdays have become leftover days in order to clean out the refrigerator before shopping day.  We will see if it works.

I received some new fabrics for Drawstrings yesterday!  I will preview it tomorrow on Yarn Along.  Ginny will be featuring the shop for a giveaway during October and you won't want to miss the bag!

Saturday, September 27, 2014


The ragweed hit me Wednesday and it has taken a couple of days to recover.  Initially I just wanted to dunk my head in water and be done.  Allergies are that bad.  But after loading myself with enough meds and oils, I began to come out of the fog.

Patrick is playing T ball this fall. We drive down to watch him "play".  It's cute.  No outs or strikes.  Just learning to hit the ball and run.  If you watch  them closely enough you might see them wandering around picking things off the ground or looking in the sky.  Their attention span is limited at 4-5.

Rachel spends time cleaning the bleachers.  She is very into wiping things.  Eating is a favorite pastime and today we found a playground and a slide.

I finally found a knitting themed fabric and have been adding more bags to the shop.  I think they are cute.  There is a limited amount though.

I found buttons for my Puereprium Cardigan.  I will post pics as soon as the finishing touches are on!  Enjoy your weekend!,

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Yarn Along and a Bath

~ Two of my favorite things are knitting and reading (though not at the same time!), and the evidence of this often shows up in my photographs. I love seeing what other people are knitting and reading as well. So, what are you knitting or crocheting right now? What are you reading?

I thought ahead and took hand knitted socks on our trip north. It was 14 degrees the first morning we awoke.  They have now had their bath and are hanging to dry.  On our way home I knit a little Puerperium Cardigan.  I used Pure Pima cotton. It looks lavender in the photos, but it is actually a light gray.  I will find little pink buttons in the next day or so as this is to be gifted soon.

Last night I started on a Gift Wrap Sweater for a shower in a couple of weeks.  No pics yet, but I hope to have it finished for next week's post.

My weekly trip to the library is tomorrow.  No reading on the bedside table until then.  I'm researching photographers/videographers with the Bride to Be :)))

Linking up with Ginny!

Monday, September 22, 2014

They're Multiplying!

Have I said how much I love fall?  The pumpkins keep growing in numbers and in sizes.  There are pumpkin candles and pumpkin spice coffee creamer ( I buy 6-7 bottles at a time and freeze them so I really don't go without it for very long). Pumpkin muffins on the radar for my bible study class Wednesday.  Yep!  'Tis the season here!