Thursday, April 17, 2014

{ PHFR} The Garden, Old Friends, My Back

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These pictures just make my heart sing.  As much as I love the coziness of Fall, Spring is just joyous!  I adore watching life begin again in this cycle God created.  It seems I may be drawn to yellows in the garden, so I am trying to add some other colors.  Can you believe I captured that sweet bee on the Gerbera Daisy?
Columbine is such a dependable perennial.  It weathers green during the winter here and just pushes those sweet blooms out on schedule every year.  The blues are Delpheniums.  I have difficulty growing these so I am trying a new place this year.  A little more shade and less intense sun.  We shall see.  My beloved St. Joseph Lillies and a hollyhock that is trying to recover from the harch winter.  Two of the peonies that I have babied for almost 20 years and the full bed of them in the front of the house.  That last picture is part of the back garden I just had cleared.  That was home to coneflowers..... lots of coneflowers.  Take my advice and do not plant these unless you want an entire bed.  Containers work best.  It is now sectioned off for a cottage cutting garden.  I am going to be slow to plant as I don't want to have to go through this clearing again!

These two ladies are very special to me.  I have known them both over 30 years. Joan, in the middle, just returned from a 2 month stay in Indonesia at a seminary where she went to teach conversational English.  Before she left she asked what we would like from Indonesia.  Well what would a knitter say?  Yarn!  Well this lady took that request seriously and looked and looked and looked...... but yarn.  The closest she came to was this lovely embroidery thread. And look at that fabric!  Cotton Voile! It has a lovely border already there for a skirt.  Perfect! I'm so thankful to have friends like these ladies!

I did see the Dr. on Tuesday about the back pain.  He was on the same page with me that surgery would be the last thing he would suggest.  I am one of those patients that" if it can go wrong it will", so we stay away from that option if we can.  No MRI for now because he is sure it will show a mess in my back.  Steroid pack for 6 days, meds for nerve pain which should help the sciatica in the leg, and exercises to do.  The biggest issue is I have no reflexes in my legs when sitting or standing.  This makes me pretty unstable and explains the couple of falls I have had.  This will most likely cause me to back off on the number of days I keep the grandchildren.  I have already toppled over holding the baby.  It's ok...we were close to the ground.  I'm very sad about this and having to deal with that as well as the pain.  Pray?

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I wish all of you a very Holy Triduum and a Happy Easter!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Yarn Along

The Baby Drops Blanket is a work in progress.  I put off knitting this pattern for a very long time because the directions scared me.  I don't find the Drops'  patterns very well written.  So I read and re-read this pattern until I thought I was very comfortable with the instructions.  I did fine until the second section. A lot is left to assumption.  Maybe I have now become enough of an accomplished knitter to figure it out, but it took a lot of frogging to make that happen. I do think it is going to be lovely.  The Pima cotton is, of course, a dream to knit with.

I have loved just about everything Elizabeth Berg has written. This is not a new book, but new to me finding it.

And that rug.... don't you love the color?  My daughter Caitlin is making a move and doesn't want to travel with her rug.  This is the one splurge she made in Istanbul last summer.  So 2 weeks ago when I went to visit she said, " Mother, could you keep my rug for a while?"   " Of course sweetheart....
of course" :)

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Monday, April 14, 2014

And it Has Begun...

No pictures today.  I am struggling.  But yesterday, Palm Sunday, began the holiest week of the year in the Liturgical Season.  This week for me will be quiet, or as quiet as I can make it.  We all know that we are not in control.  And apparently God is brining me to my knees once again as I deal with this back pain. During this most Holy Week I am in pain.

Seven months ago this pain began as sciatica and I have seen a Chiropractor every week.  There is improvement.  But about 3 weeks ago the location of the pain shifted directly into the lower back and at times even lower.  The pain on several occasions has been so severe I have contemplated the ER.  Yesterday was one of those days.

Finally, after taking as much meds as I knew was safe, I planted myself on the bed on ice.  The pain finally eased and I was able to sleep.  This morning, although it know it is there, it is tolerable.

I see the Dr. tomorrow and I am sure an MRI will be ordered.  I had X-rays 2 weeks ago that were negative but we all know now that X-rays are not always conclusive.  I avoided the MRI  initially because I didn't want to shell out the $$$$ right before taxes are due ( tomorrow!!!!)

So if you don't mind and you think about it ....can you offer up prayers?  I have found in my life that the things I am most fearful of God will place before me.  Yes, there is a lesson to this....I am just a slow learner:))

Thursday, April 10, 2014

{ PHFR} Little Doggie 2 Edition

This week I have another one subject event that encompasses all of the categories.  My oldest grandson, Patrick, has had a knitted, stuffed, dog since he was about a year old.  I did not knit it.  It may have been a birthday gift?  " Little Doggie"  as he came to be known, has seen his last days.  Somewhere I posted about it on a Yarn Along, but right now with 4 littles under 4 running around I can't go find it.  Search please if you will :)

Patrick asked me if I could make another "little doggie".  Let me preface this by saying that I abhor knitting animals.  It is not my forte at all!  But when your grandchildren ask....what do you do?  It's grandmother love.....that all I can say.

Yesterday when Patrick came out of school, Little Doggie was there to meet him.  Here is what ensued and I think the pictures say it all!


I think he is in love!:))

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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Yarn Along....Blankets, Blankets!!!

With the Purl Dreams blanket behind me and waiting to be gifted, I am moving on to baby blanket #2.  There are 2 more after this one.  I should be relishing in the joy of all the little ones, but I wanted to knit sweaters for the grandchildren and blankets take a lot of time.  Knowing that I am ahead of time in completing these though, maybe I will be able to get them all done?

Feather and Fan was the first lace stitch I learned when I began to knit and it continues to be my "go to " stitch.  When I found Baby Drops on Ravelry, I knew that was the next blanket.  Not entirely Feather and Fan, it has enough to add to the sampler effect of the blanket.  I am using my favorite Knit Picks Comfy Sport that I almost exclusively use on my baby blankets.  History has proven that this yarn washes and dries beautifully and can be drug everywhere a little one goes!

My youngest daughter took a trip to NYC this past week.  She asked me if there was anything I would like her to bring back?  "Well, sweetheart. Give me just a moment to show you this yarn shop."  (Eye roll from daughter)  But today we met for lunch and I was surprised that she had chosen something so beautiful and yet different from what is in my stash.  This is 100% merino, but in what is called a "line" weight.  A single ply that seems to be between lace and fingering.  Just gorgeous.  I think I raised her well :)))))

Don't you love the Blossom Street novels?  This is the newest that I found on the shelves at the grocery.  Light reading...which is just what I need right now.

I also have added a couple of new fabrics today over at Drawstrings!  Pop on over and take a look!

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