Friday, October 2, 2015

I've Been Away So Long

The weeks leading up to the wedding were stressful to say the least.  I learned things about this youngest daughter of mine.  She is very picky and decisive.  These are not characteristics she had growing up.  And of course when you are guiding her through this wedding process, those ideas she wants are left most of the time to you to make happen.  Although we made good decisions together, it exhausted me and pushed me beyond my comfort zone.  To say I am spent is an understatement.  On top of that, now that it is over, there are two critical problems that have to be dealt with and one I can't do until they newlyweds return from their trip.

So now that all the used items have been retrieved, I am going to take a little rest.  I'll leave you with the bride's Bridal pictures I couldn't share before.  Although it will be a few weeks until the wedding pictures and video are ready, I am very excited to see how the day was captured and especially the father / daughter dance video.  It was very special.

Monday, September 28, 2015

They Are Married!

I only have pictures people are sending me as it will be weeks before the professionals are ready.  It was a beautiful day and there is much to write over the next weeks.  For now enjoy the pictures I have:)

Mother and her daughters❤️

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Yarn Along


With 24 days until the wedding, my mind is spinning.  I just realized it was Yarn Along day so I snapped a quick picture with my iPad.  My knitting time has been little this week, but there has been progress.
More rows added:)

Each day is brining more final tasks to complete.  You know ther are some things you just can't do until the end.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

25 Days!

A year of planning will culminate in 25 days.  It's crazy that you spend this much time bringing it all together, but there really is a reason for the length.  As parents, Mr. Golfer and I have pretty much insisted on a year engagement because planning a wedding brings out positive and negative issues when families come together.  It is impossible not to coordinate this huge of an event and not have differences of opinions between bride and groom and their families.  I'm not speaking of huge fights or that sort of silly misbehavior. I'm just aware that people have varying opinions on how things should be done and the problem solving in those areas are initial insights for the bride and groom.  Seeing how their families work or not work together is a priceless experience before marriage. This stems from a horrible situation our oldest daughter experienced in her first engagement.  Eight weeks before her wedding it was cancelled. The emotion tied to that will have life long effects, but the cancellation was the best thing for her.  The families were so vastly different that making any decision was exhausting.  The stress of it finally broke the couple apart.  A devastating ending.

We have also in our experience of wedding planning ( this is our 4th) stressed that etiquette and hospitality of our guests is primary in wedding planning.  We don't use phrases like," it's all about the bride", or " it's ( insert name) wedding".  Although the focus is on the couple and the sacrament, what we center our planning around is our guests.  This is the largest event most brides will plan and it is the perfect opportunity as mother to show them how to express hospitality.  I  have always worked closely with my girls to teach them this virtue.  There is time built into the reception for both parents and the couple to greet each table of guests.  This is of primary importance.  In this day, attending a wedding can be an all day event and if you have traveled a distance for the event, it may mean an entire weekend.  Gratitude and thankfulness need to be expressed for this sacrifice.

Selecting wedding dates is also a tricky issue.  When one of our daughters become engaged she asked if we would mind if they married on our anniversary.  As sweet as the thought was, I discouraged them.  May is a complicated month to celebrate.  As parents, we never found time to honor our anniversary because of school calendars, church celebrations such as First Communions and graduations.  If it was difficult for us it would also be difficult for others, especially if they were traveling .  Another month we discourage is August.  In Texas it is just too hot.  You can't use outdoor spaces or enjoy any of the beauty of this area because most day are 100 degrees or higher.  School is starting back again and that makes it difficult again for families.  We do our best to avoid a date that falls on a family birthday and stay away from holidays.  And also an important consideration is another wedding of someone close. If at all possible, brides need to give other brides space, especially if they are close friends.  That can be a very frustrating experience.

We were fortunate in the beginning of our wedding days to be introduced to a fabulous wedding planner.  She has become a family friend and there is no way I would plan a wedding without her.  Although I'm pretty confident at this point, she makes the day happen while the girls and I enjoy some special times.  It is the best spent money.

Many prayers would be appreciated as we navigate these last days.  I'll share pictures as soon as I can. We've had to be fairly hush hush due to some other issues.  It won't be long before I can break the silence and share!!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Yarn Along August?

Where has August gone?  I asked myself that question and immediately I remember we are 31 days away from a wedding.  I've been working hard with our planner to make this vision for my youngest daughter come true.  She is all about the details:))

The reveal for the secret knitting happened and I promise to come back with pictures.  But in the midst of all of this, my very good friend found out her daughter is expecting twins and my needles have begun to work toward that.  One boy and one girl, I am creating a set of  Noah's blankets.  If you check out my Ravelry projects you will find one I did last year.  I do think on the one for the girl I will insert some lace, but will keep with the overall seed stitch change of color.

Today my Caitlin turns 29!  That really can't be true.  My wandering daughter has grown into such a lovely young woman.  She meets challenges head on and her strength is just amazing.  Happy birthday sweetheart!