Thursday, March 5, 2015

March Snow

An unusual amount for March in North Texas, but just beautiful!



This is the second week of snowfall here in North Texas.  It's not unusual to have snow here.  Each year we normally have one good event and then we are finished.  This is the second week of very cold temps, ice and snow.  We woke up this morning to another 3 inches.  Certainly we can't compare with the northeast.  


My youngest daughter celebrate her 27th birthday this past weekend.  A family gathering at her favorite restaurant was in order.


I'm working on a secret knitting project and this part is almost complete. I will be pleased to move onto the next color and phase of this project.

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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Yarn Along

I usually take my photos on Tuesday mornings for the Wednesday post so I have a chance at good light.  Now that the way I spend my days has changed, I have to rethink that. It's late at night when these were taken.  Please excuse the poor quality.

Half of the secret knitting is almost complete.  I will finish the last repeat and then border and bind off.  But, there is more. Another item to be added.  I bought the yarn today ( Tuesday) and need to decide on the final pattern.  By next week you will see the beginning of the other half.

Searching now for another good fiction read.  There is some pretty intense Lenten non fiction on my table, but I must have a balance.  I'm going to be looking to all of your for suggestions.

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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Happy Birthday!

My baby girl turned 27 today.  We celebrated with Mexican food and family all around. 

Happy Birthday, Mary Allison!

Friday, February 27, 2015

From Ice to Snow to Ice

Winter weather in Texas is so unpredictable.  We are a large state and it can be frozen in the north while others are sunning on the beaches.  This week has been " that week" when winter hits with all its force.

Earlier in the week we had 2 days of ice.  Wednesday there was a little snow and yesterday just cold.  But this morning was a different story.  Those in the north chuckle at us that 3 inches of snow could shut down a city.  Remember that we are not equipped for this.  Even though it happens usually once a year, that is not enough financially to invest in all the equipment that northern states have.

This morning as I came out of Mass it was briskly snowing.  I made my way on down to Mr. Golfer's office to begin my first day of helping.   It soon became clear that the weather was worsening and I was sent home.  A scary drive.  I chose to take the tollway to avoid major traffic, but the roads were not well traveled and I had much difficulty navigating a solid road of snow.  No lanes visible at all.  What is usually an 8 minute drive turned into 1.5 hours.  We live at the top of a hill and the last block to our house was actually the most treacherous.  Cars were spinning out and sliding into the curb.  I don't have 4 wheel drive, but I do have a very heavy car.  I was able to get around and up the hill so I could turn on our street.

It took Mr. Golfer 2 more hours to get home.  He drives a Mini Cooper and his trip was a little more difficult than mine.  The daughters here all had to navigate there way to pick up the littles and get to their own homes.  I finally breathed a sigh of relief when the last text came in that everyone was safe.

But a little light in the middle of all this.  Daughter Caitlin in Montana ( who realizes that even though she lives in much deeper snow and has chains on her tires that it is serious here when we get this) had some great news.

Caitlin is an excellent writer.  She shares this love with her father who has a degree in Journalism.  If you live where this magazine is available, let me know!!!!

Tonight we are expecting sleet on top of this snow and everything tomorrow is cancelled. That includes our first dance lesson with a new instructor.  That makes me very sad:(((((

Stay warm!