Friday, July 24, 2015


Maybe the fact that I was raised in a fairly non-standard family and in sometimes not the best circumstances makes me cling to traditions.  Growing up, I don't really remember their importance and I don't remember telling family stories.  But Mr. Golfer's family is full of both traditions and stories and I loved the response his family had to them.

As a mother I have tried hard to create those for my girls.  Really just experiences they can hold onto.  And in the process, I have become a lover of stories.

This is one especially dear to my heart.  I had read somewhere long ago about a mother tucking a piece of her own gown into her daughter's.  My own gown is sealed in hopes it would one day be used.  With that not happening, I searched for another idea.

My oldest daughter's first engagement ended 8 weeks prior to the wedding.  A terrible experience for us all, but one we are now grateful of.  In the process of the planning, she had decided she wanted to wear my veil.  We had a section of it that was not currently stylish removed and then redesigned at the crown.  I saved the removed section because the alencon lace on it was so beautiful.

That lace has now become the piece of "me" that is sewn into their own gowns.  A mix of emotions washes over me when I pick up that needle and thread.  I do think about their life thus far and wonder what the future will bring.  I pray for them with each stitch as only a mother can do.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Yarn Along

I'm sure you have noticed these last few weeks how few and far between my posts are and the basicness ( is that a word?) of the pictures.  66 days until the wedding.  I still am working on flower girl sashes and so many details. Yesterday I did some searching for items for the children's area.  We have a room at this venue that will be perfect to plan activities just for the littles and have hired 2 friends of my oldest daughter to come in and supervise.  So I am gathering many little items for entertainment.  Of course they can come and go as they please, but having this area will also give the parents an opportunity to enjoy some kid free time.

But in the midst of that I got the knitting  startitis bug and found a new pattern.   Ashburn is a asymmetrical shawl of multiple colors.  I put together 3 sock yarns to get a good contrast so that it could be worn with just about any top this fall.  I haven't actually cast on yet. The green yarn is a Mad Tosh, the coral is from Wool Tree, and the gray is without a ball band so I'm unsure.  And as I progress, I could change out colors so this may be a great project for my antsy hands:)

It's also been a while since I posted my reading.  Probably because I just couldn't find anything to capture me.  But Mr.Golfer and I both wanted to read Go Set A Watchman.  So far it's not what I thought it would be.  They reviews had me completely confused and now I know why. . I'll give my own review once finished.

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Monday, July 20, 2015

Being Showered......

We had another little gathering this past weekend.  The bridesmaids, a few family members, myself and the mother of the groom, gathered to gift the bride-to-be with " delicate" items.  There was much laughter and a little blushing.  We ate from a delightful spread of food and sipped champagne while guessing favorite movies and songs of the guest of honor.

Then the " young" ladies excused themselves for an afternoon, evening, and night of enjoyment.  I stayed behind to tidy up and visit with the grandchildren.

68 days.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Yarn Along

Oh my hands have been so full this week!  I'm sure you noticed there have been no posts since this time last week.  And I am sure you have noticed no progression on that shawl.  It is still nesting in that basket by my chair. 

We had a wedding party this past weekend and then some wedding casualties the next day.  Finding out that a few pieces of music my daughter wants at the liturgy cannot be played and a few other dramas concerning gifts. Sunday afternoon, a niece and my oldest daughter came to help put the invitations together.  Mimosas all around!!  

And this week, while my granddaughter is here, potty training is happening:). Remember what a workout that is?  Every 30 minutes:)

Don't be sad if next week's picture is the same.  The Bridesmaid shower is this weekend and then invitations are mailed on Monday!  From that I promise to post pics!  73 days!

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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Yarn Along....Complete

You can tell by the piece of paper I'm a month behind.  Notes are laying on most every surface.  Mr.Golfer has been warned not to touch or throw away any piece of paper.  I know where they are and what the are for. Such is the life when you are 80 days away from a wedding.

The secret knitting is finished, but not blocked.  I'm waiting for the invitations to be off my dining room table so I can spread it out to block.  I've picked up the Pie Shawl I was working on during a little break in May.  Soft colors and sugarcane yarn.  My eyes needed the change and my hands the respite.

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