Friday, January 23, 2015


" There are six things which the Lord hates,
seven which are an abomination to Him:
haughty eyes, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood,
a heart that devises wicked plans,
feet that makes haste to run to evil,
A false witness who breathes out lies,
and a man who sows discord among brothers."

This week in my bible study class, our discussion was drawn to this verse.  Proverbs 6:16.  I had not read this before, but it has resonated with me these last few days in a huge way.  A somewhat repeat of the Commandments, it is that last phrase that captures me.  The Lord hates those first six vices, but He abhors the seventh.  Sowing discord.  Planting problems.  Being the accuser.  Not listening.  Not understanding.  Thinking of your own happiness.  Not walking in another's shoes.  I could continue, but those come quickly to mind.  That one little phrase captures so much.

I'm pondering these last days of how I can sow peace and happiness among those who are seeking the opposite.  How to see and plant the joy.

That chapter continues though....

" My son, keep your father's commandment,
and forsake not your mother's teaching.
Bind them upon your heart always;
tie them about your neck,
When you walk they will lead you;
when you lie down, they will watch over you;
and when you awake, they will talk with you.

I've been thinking as I watch others these days at how many of our young adults in this culture of relativism have turned away from what they were taught at home.  Exposure to other thoughts and lives become bright when the culture of " having more" takes over.  When the idea of " what feels good is right" is pronounced as the Truth. This always cause me to turn back to scripture in search of the real Truth. What it says here is so profound though.  What you were taught should be so close to you that it NEVER leaves you.  It is always with you.  That I have to draw comfort from.  Knowing that even when I see what is painful, that what has been taught is somewhere in there and it will come back.

Someday I will tell my real story. It is not one I like to dwell on, but as I age I find myself thinking more and more about where I came from. As parents, we always hope that our children will not repeat our mistakes. I've  been blessed that my own children have escaped some of those mistakes, but cursed that they have wrapped themselves in others.  I think it is that sadness that has drawn me to these verses.  Isn't that the emotion of all parents?

Well, a little " downer" post today, but I felt called to write it and I have to remember that really this blog is to record those thoughts for myself and the rest of you just happen to stumble here:)

Oh.... and that bible!  A FB friend posted about it and my jaw dropped.  I have longed hoped for a bible that would connect scripture to Catechism.  After all, that is our Catholic faith; sacred scripture and the teaching of the Church.  Well here it is!  Didache means" The Twelve Apostles".  I love how that names these teachings for us....from the apostles.  The text size is very good for my aging eyes and the commentary is truly wonderful.  It references the verses and the Church's teaching together.  What a gift!  There are maps and spaced throughout the bible are apologetical explanations. The paper is thin but not too thin, but that kind of page that feels good in your hands.  I think this is perfect for me!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Yarn Along

Yes, that top picture is the same from last week.  Little knitting has happend.  My last blog post will tell you why.

But in the background I have spent hours on Ravelry, hours pouring over my knitting library, and today hours in my LYS.  You see I am planning a special gift.  Usually I know exactly what I want when knitting for someone else, but this time I literally hit a block.  And part of the problem is I can't share with anyone because it is a surprise. So all the suggestions and inspiration I would look for just aren't there.

I thought I knew 3 times what I wanted.  Three times I began the project and 3 times I changed my mind.  Crazy!

But today I made a final decision and will stick with it. It's all you will see for a while.  I hope you'll keep coming back.  Because of your patience there might even be a little prize at the end:)))

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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Pardon Me........

for being away a few days.   My good friend at my knitting group " reminded" me I had not posted in a few days and she missed me.  So Beverly, this is for you:)))))

I have done a small amount of home sewing this past week.  I love buffalo check and I found this fabric for sofa pillows.  There is a small amount left over for a few tiny accent pillows and I may tackle that this week.

Most of last week was all wedding.  The guest list is final and although we are 15 guests over what I would like I know there will be those who will not be able to attend.  All in all I feel good about the number.  The venue the couple chose is so beautiful, but it is meant for smallish gatherings
(comfortable is about 250).  I am hoping we are under that number as I am planning the seating chart for 240.

The table decor is divided into 3 different centerpieces and one of them we actually have been collecting ourselves.  I can't share what they are, but my engaged daughter and I share a love for it so we have had fun shopping.  We have one piece left to purchase and that part is finished.  I just have to store them all until September:(

Yesterday, Mr. Golfer, myself and the bride to be went on a hunt for old windows.  Before I go any further let me tell you a story.  My second daughter was married during November and her favorite fall dessert is pumpkin pie.  She decided she wanted each guest to take home a miniature pumpkin pie as a favor.  I spent months buying small pie shells and cans of  pumpkin.  The Wednesday before the Saturday wedding we assembled the sisters, my best friend, and all the ingredients in my small kitchen.  For hours we mixed pumpkin pie ingredients, poured into shells and baked. We had soooooo much fun!  I think actually it was the highlight of the wedding.:). My 8 foot dining room table was covered with 360 mini pumpkin pies!  We placed them into cute boxes, tied with ribbon and affixed a sticker and toted all of them down to the reception venue to be put in their refrigerator.  Sooo, this bride to be has her own DIY project and it involves antique windows.  And it can't be accomplished until the week of the wedding!  As stressful as it sounds, I know it will be fun.  And because I am not working there is more time to be prepared as we go.

We met with our florist this past Friday and went through the list once more.  Some items we had taken out we put back in. We took some of the centerpieces that were collected so she had an idea of size.  She just fell in love with the idea.  It's so nice when professionals see and share your vision.  Our wedding planner was there as well and have I said enough how I think that is the best spent money?  She makes the week of the wedding so relaxing and fun for us.  This is our third wedding with her and she has become such a good friend.  Love you Betsy!

This week is a week of lists for me.  I know the major tasks that need to be accomplished in the next 3 months, so I will be making phone calls and emails this week to get those set.

The bride to be is just a little overwhelmed with all the tasks and decisions.  She told me last week that when we need to do something to give her 3 choices and she will choose from that.  I love that idea and actually it makes it very easy for me:)))

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Yarn Along

Tuesday morning finds me planning for this post, but I'm now helping out at my grandson's school one morning a week.  So I must apologize yet again for a bad picture taken late at night.

I enjoyed the Honey Cowl so much I decided to knit another.  I made a "mad" dash to the Mad Tosh store and picked up this beautiful skein of DK Twist in the Steam Age colorway.

I am still reading Longbourn and loving it!  My daughter Caitlin is waiting for me to finish it so I nead to get busy:)

Per my post last week.....the yarn and socks from Elizabeth are on their way. Look for an update soon as to the raffle.

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Sunday, January 11, 2015

We Come Together

I never will get used to or comfortable with blending families.  I've raised and cherished my daughters all their lives and it is very difficult to let them go.  I've struggled with it since they left for college.  I know I'm not alone.

It was a wonderful engagement party.  Lots of friends and family from both sides, sweet desserts and a great open bar.  Stories and goodwill were everywhere.  The couple was happy.

This afternoon I spent time just reflecting back on the days of having everyone under one roof. Those days of still being able to impart wisdom and not be scorned for it.  Those days of being the only mother they knew.  Those days when what they learned in this home would always be the truth and they wouldn't search elsewhere.  Those days when what influenced them was discussed over long dinners.

I could go on and on. Those days are gone. And for Mr. Golfer and myself, amidst the happiness of seeing them happy, feel the sadness at our changing lives.  No longer are we the wisest.  No longer do we have all the answers.  And no longer do we participate in the decisions.

These next few months will be busy with many decisions.  Ones we've made before and new ones as our daughter puts her own stamp on this wedding.  Amidst the happiness, Mr. Golfer and I are praying for our own wisdom in trusting God to protect each of these girls.  That's all we can do.